The Measure Of A Woman By Anne Rich Summary

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It's easy to see why Rich believes that when she was a student, what she was taught "in no way prepared [female students] to survive as . . .wom[e]n in a world organized by men" (211). In my opinion, not a lot of women around this age would have been brave enough to write an article about taking women students serious for fear of oppression. Many women probably did not even know how to write because their were neglected from their studies or were probably always to busy doing what ever their husbands wanted them to do. Rich's life was different she knew something had to change and that is the main reason why she decided to write about it. I would consider her as a model to all the other women at the time, her essay should have been a way to encourage other women to get off their buts, stop washing dishes, stop having kids, get their life together and start studying! The sad part of this is that till this day not many women are being recognized for their hard studies, and it has been almost thirty four years since this has come out to the public. This failure to consider what women need from their college experience in order to succeed is, as Rich says, part of the old belief that women's primary goal is or should be marriage--and that "[t]oo much intelligence or intensity may make [them] unmarriageable" (215). I would prefer to…show more content…
Shutting women out of the curriculum and silencing them in class may be considered psychological violence against women, but Rich points out that fear of physical violence limits their ability to benefit from their education as well: "If it is dangerous for me to walk home late of an evening from the library, because i am a woman and can be raped, how self-possessed, how exuberant can i feel as i sit working in that library?" (214), she

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