Kate Chopin And Charlotte Perkins Gilman

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For generations and generations there has been conflict over the duties of women. Since the beginning of time society and the media has portrayed women as home makers. They were bound to their family. Today, many people think it should be the same way, but it has changed. Women are able to do many things that they weren't allowed to before. They do not belong to anyone nor have to depend on a man. Kate Chopin and Charlotte Perkins Gilman both gave women ideas on how they should be treated. They both believed that women should be doing a lot more than they are expected to. The authors wrote that women should have equal rights as men, should be able to vote, and they shouldn't be tied down to their husbands. There is still a widespread belief that women are not equal to men. Even though many people still try to convince themselves otherwise. Kate Chopin and Charlotte Gilman both made women believe that they should have the same equal rights as men. In the 1920's, women began to grow more independent, which would change the role of women's lives.…show more content…
They made them think of how you could be free with out a husband.The flapper trend attributed to the decline in marriage rates during this time. Women became very independent from the constrictions that society has always placed on them in the past. Young women were striving for independence from always being a house wife and the laws of society. As a result, less women were interested in marriage as they were preoccupied with living their lives outside of society's beliefs and waiting before they settle down for the rest of their lives with one man. During the 1920s, the marriage rate steadily declined and continued to decline into the beginning of the Great Depression. This decline is a result of men and women deciding to wait to get married and instead, do what they wish before they were forced to settle
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