Women as Leaders

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Women as leaders: An emergence to be recognized Abstract: In a constantly growing society, the issue of leadership opportunities is a hard one to tackle. These days, many women have trouble feeling equality in the career and leadership world. Are the barriers women feel against them due to society’s views? In this paper I will define the problem of women’s leadership barriers, discuss the argument for and against the idea that society has caused this, and present a conclusion on the issue. Intro: Women leadership. Just the thought is something that many people still find hard to support, and others are actively fighting for everyday. Our society is one made up of millions of different types of people, and yet it seems it always comes down to just two factors : Male or Female. In a world where gender is everything, and gender roles are stressed from the day we enter the world, it is often to hard to break out of the stereotypes placed on ourselves and prove that all of us are, gender aside, simply human. Has society and culture hindered women’s abilities to lead, and are women still constantly judged against? There are multiple ways to answer this question. Argument against: From the beginning it has been made clear to humans that men should be the protective, strong, working ones, while women should care for the family and take care of household duties. Over thousands of years of an ever-changing world, the role has gradually shifted and shifted. When women were granted the right to vote in the early 1900’s, a women’s right streak took over, and from then on, it only got better for women. Now, there are women in charge in almost every field, and we have finally had a woman run for president of the United States of

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