Women After The Civil War

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Explain the impact that women made on America and their changing role after the Civil War. If their role did not change would this have changed the future of the nation? Ali Sterner APUSH – Period 4 Shaw January 28, 2011 In American History, women have not exactly had it easy. In colonial times, women were to do strictly house work and take care of the children. This changed after the Civil War, giving women their right to speak up and become more like men. The role of many women had change from a homemaker to being able to provide for the family by either getting a job. In addition, they were starting to be allowed to have a voice. Not only were they allowed to go out and start getting jobs, but the right to vote was also starting to come out. Without the changing role of women, things that we have in everyday life as American’s could possibly not exist. Women not only were more help to the family, but they were helping rebuild the nation. As a whole, women helped clean up the process of urbanization and immigration, helped literature grow, and helped change the ongoing problem of women’s suffrage. After the Civil War, many people from other countries started immigrating to America. As a result, urbanization quickly started going out of control due to lack of communication, too many people being forced into slums, and many other reasons. Without the help of women, urbanized areas could have become horrible places to live and nothing would have gotten done. For example, Jane Adams established the Hull House, a prominent American settlement house. Adams despised both war and poverty. The Hull House offered instruction in English, counseling to help immigrants deal with the American big city life, childcare services for working mothers, and cultural activities for immigrants of neighborhoods. Without the establishment of the Hull House urbanization and
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