Discuss the External Factors as to Why Students Outperform Boys at Every Level

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Discuss the external factors as to why Students outperform boys at every level Girls are achieving better grades and doing better in school in all stages of education; from the day they start school, throughout university, and on vocational courses. There are a number of factors as to what could affect how well females do in school. There are internal, as well as external factors that could affect why it is that on a whole; girls are doing significantly better. Internal factors are factors within schools and the education system; such as the school’s equal opportunity policies. However; external factors could be such as factors outside the education system, such as home and family background and wider society. Many sociologists believe that it is in fact the external factors that result in girls doing so well in education. The external factors could be the impact of feminism, changes in the family, changes in women’s employment and girls’ changing perceptions and ambitions. The impact of feminism can have encouraged girls to strive for success and thrive to the top in life, by starting with a successful career; which in today’s society is predominantly only achieved by doing well in education. Feminist movements have challenged the traditional stereotype of a woman’s role of being a stay at home mother and caring for her family. Women are less willing to listen and obey their patriarchal husbands, and in a majority of households; there are dual working families. Although radical feminists argue that we have still not achieved equality between men and women; there has been major improvements. The way in which feminists, as well as women in general look at younger girls has also changed. In previous years; advice given by older women to younger girls would be to make sure that they get married and they are not ‘left on the shelf’. However; in today’s society;
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