Assess the Contribution of Feminist Theorists and Researchers to an Understanding of Society Today

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Assess the contribution of feminist theorists and researchers to an understanding of society today Feminism comes in different forms such as liberal feminists, radical feminist, Marxist feminists, black feminists, dual-systems feminism, difference feminism and poststructuralism. Feminist theorists such as Sue Sharpe, Becky Francis, Judith Butler and so forth have contributed to giving us an understanding of society today. Gender inequality has become more aware in today’s society and has majorly changed over recent years such as girls overtaking boys at school and men and women still do not occupy equal positions in society. Without feminism people of society today wouldn’t have realised girl’s ambitions changing and how girls got treated differently and this wouldn’t have changed if feminists took a note and researched this further. So this has contributed to how we see society today, people notice girls doing better in school and genuinely how people see education. Sue Sharpe researched and investigated the ambitions of girls in the 1970s and the 1990s and compared them. Her results showed a major change in the way the girls saw their future. In 1974 Sharpe interviewed girls and resulted in low aspirations such as wanting children, marriage, and love as their main priorities. By the 1990s Sharpe went back to the same school and interviewed girls again and they had changed their priorities to careers and being able to support themselves by being more dependent rather than relying on a husband. Sue Sharpe has contributed to giving us an understanding of the way girls ambitions have changed, without this people would still assume women would want to grow up and be a housewife; looking after their children and doing domestic labour. A similar research was carried about by Becky Francis who asked girls about their career ambitions in 2001, most girls had
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