Boys and Girls Should Be Taught in Separate School

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In this society, historically, boys and girls have been attending same schools and are taught same subjects for many decades. Some schools such as private or boarding schools are not, but most of them are coeducation schools. Many supporters say that boys and girls are complementary entities. It is definitely true that they have helped each other and have built great socialistic skills in the school. However, schools are the place for students to lead their potential power and institutes that help them to be learned as much as they can, and under the condition of separating of boys and girls, their potential can be maximized. Boys and girls could be helper to each other, but the first priority for student to do is studying and learning knowledge which might be driving force for them to manage their future lives. There are five reasons why boys and girls should attend separate schools. First of all, as mentioned on the above, boys and girls can maximize their scholarly potential when they attend separate schools. Some schools that are already taking only boys or girls such as boarding or private schools have proved that their achievements are way high when they are separate. Scholastic Aptitude Test scores are quite different, and their further performances such as in college showed how they have prepared and achieved in formal institutions. Each boy and girl can create synergy effects when they are being with same sex because they are easily to access and share about scholastic issues. Above the subsequent argument, the second reason is about the circumstance of education. Many schools are decided whether they are leading schools or not based on so-called mood or circumstance. If boys and girls mixed in the class, scholastic circumstance is likely to be weaken because teenagers are often suffering from controlling issues when they are being with other sex
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