The War Against Boys Sommers Analysis

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Critical Analysis In “The War Against Boys” the author, Christina Hoff Sommers, stated that times are changing and boys should “watch out” in school. She states that girls are starting to be more benefited in school then boys in the educational system, that girl aren’t considered the “second” sex anymore, and that girls are statistically better than boys in academics. I personally agree that times are changing and that boys aren’t getting any special treatment and girls are on the same level as boys, and that they also are better in school then most boys. This to me has a lot to do with that growth gap that there is between both genders, girls start developing at a much earlier age then us, thus letting them learn things at a much faster rate…show more content…
Department of Education that show that girls outshine boys in reading, writing, science, math, and have a lot higher educational aspirations. She also gives us data that shows that girls are starting to beat boys in enrolling in college, and that girls are more engaged in academically then boys. She implies that all of this has been happening because the educational doesn’t “favor” boys over girls anymore. I agree with that statement, but I also don’t think that the educational should let boys be “left behind” either. Yes, boys are bad at school; I can say this because I’m a boy and I see everything first hand, my peers are less and less interested in school and college, they often talk about just either dropping out of high school and getting a job, graduating and just work and not go to college or simply join the military. If they fall back on their work they don’t get any special treatment and thus are not helped, they are simply left to fail. I am not one of those boys, mostly because my parents wouldn’t stand for it and no matter how much they get on my nerves when it comes to school, I understand why they push me. They simply don’t want their oldest son ending up in a dead-end job for the rest of his life. I’m lucky, because the other boys that don’t plan for college or simply don’t even want to bother with school usually don’t get support from their parents, so why can’t the school do
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