Outline Material and Cultural Factors That Might Explain the Difference in Educational Achievement Between ‘Middle Class’ and ‘Working Class’ Children.

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There are many differences between the education standards that the classes receive and also along with this, the deprivation that some kids may experience whether they are at home, or at school. The first key reason is cultural factors; Douglas showed that parental interest was the most important factor of the success of the children within education. His research showed that middle class families were most likely to take more of an interest in their children’s education compared to that of a working class parent. This meant that middle class were most likely to visit the school, and encourage their child which meant they would promote their child to stay on past the minimum leaving school age. Douglas measured his experiment by the number of visits a parent would visit the school, however, this may not be a valid assessment as working class parents found it difficult to obtain time off from working long hours to visit the school, not only this but the unease of being in a classroom may explain the lack of visits, not the disinterest. However Douglas’s support the matter of culture deprivation; this means at the very bottom of the class system, they are deprived of the attitude, skills and values to succeed in education. This could be from the poor social background, which has developed from the living conditions. Douglas believed the living standards of a child would reflect within education, which became a significant role in his research. He took a sample of primary school children who were born of the first week in March 1946, and divided that sample into 2 groups, those who have sole use of a bathroom, toilet and hot water, and those who did not, or shared them. Those who were living in unsatisfactory conditions scored lower in their ability to read. He believed it was because poor housing conditions commonly meant overcrowding and an unsuitable diet
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