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Sophia Williams English 1A Essay 1 9/1/15 A Cheaper Alternative: Community College As a first year college student, I’m able to recognize the different pathways I decided to choose and not to choose; such as going into the military or going direct to a four year university. I’m choosing to attend community college my first two years and later transfer to a four year university. In the article speaking on behalf of Community Colleges vs. Universities, it lists the affordable advantages and flexible opportunities choosing a community college can offer you. This article also provides the pros and cons to choosing which option is better for you. Some pros mentioned were increased academic standards as well as stronger focus through having smaller sized classes. Although four-year universities offer a better student quality of life- (a con), community colleges are the best alternative for young adults being smart about their education. So what is the best choice for you? In high school, how well you did was based through testing, memorization, and repetition. You didn’t need to pay for books, and the registration process was a breeze. However, another question brought up is Why More Students are Choosing Community College over Traditional Four-Year schools? Grace Chen enthusiastically writes how as long as tuition…show more content…
If you are the type of person who has responsibilities at home or has to work, like I mentioned earlier, you need a closer to home cost efficient education plan. If you are more career focused, you are offered more condensed programs to get you a degree and where you need to be faster. She also lists the various pros and cons to deciding which is better. A few cons being that CC’s lack the community life offered at Universities. Students are likely to drop out more if they don’t have that motivation or enough involvement in campus

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