For Once Blame The Student

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“For Once, Blame The Student” The article “For once, blame the student” by Patrick Welsh expresses the idea that American students are falling behind academically not because of the common excuses themselves. I agree with the article and have seen through first-hand experience as a student that a large portion of American students have lost the internal motivation and determination needed to succeed academically, i.e. my 7th period. In “For once, blame the student” Welsh talks about the way students who have emigrated to the United States often do better in school than the middle and upper class American students. Welsh says the reasoning behind the emigrated student’s success is the self determination and motivation to do well in school, as well as hard work exerted by the students. I agree with Welsh’s argument and believe that students who emigrated from foreign countries to the United States see their learning opportunity as a privilege that they do not take for granted unlike most of us. The American student s who are born with the opportunity to learn in United States schools tend to take their education for granted. They see it more as a requirement rather than opportunity. Welsh’s article discusses the difference between American students and Asian students. The Asian students identified that their biggest factor behind academic success was “studying hard”. I believe that many American students have lost their internal drive and motivation to study hard, including myself, with technology now and it being so easy to cheat it becomes almost unnecessary. Insufficient teaching is not the major factor to blame nor is poor study skills or the lack of there of. I believe that the problem behind American students not studying is solely due to the lack of determination to study and excel in schoolwork. Welsh mentions in his article that American students

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