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The Help Response Paper Through out the book there were many situations we’re groups are together, and divide. Individuals in “The Help” have either separated themselves form groups or learned to conform in them. When Mae Mobley was young she was never around adults because it was Aibileen’s job to take care of her. Aibileen always taught Mae Mobley about equality which will possibly make hard for her to be excepted in a group. Not because she unable to socialize, but because of the groups she’s around aren’t accepting of her learned beliefs. Unlike Mae Mobley Mrs. Skeeter was able to socialize with the same people for a long time, but after Skeeter revealed her view on the racial issues in Missippssi the group she once socialized with pulled away from her making her a lone individual. Until…show more content…
Skeeter adapted to no longer being friends with Hilly or any one else in the Ladies League. Though near the end of the book she noticed that most of the people still liked her it was just Hilly who ruined it for her, making friends and staying in the same group. Though it is possible to have more than one group to join other groups, but in this situation its different. During the years of this book, the 1960’s, many groups didn’t along not just because of race but it also depends on status. Like the Ladies League only socialized with members that were only acceptable to the president Mrs. Hilly. Though when Celia Foote came to Jackson and wanted to join the Ladies League Mrs. Hilly didn’t want her join because past situations and because of her lack of class. Everyone else in the League conformed to everything that Hilly said because they all wanted to stay in the League with out any trouble. Though Celia never really socialized after Minny started working for her because of her pregnancy. This made Minny supicious about her where abouts. When Celia never wanted to tell her husband about Minny working for the house. Which lacked communication

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