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Giovanny Sanchez May 5, 2012 Ms. Collins Barbie’s World In everyone’s childhood there is always that one special non-living figure in their personal lives, a figure we admired, something we looked up to be, like an idol. In “You Can Never Have Too Many,” Jane Smiley thanks Barbie for the effect she had on her daughter’s lives as they were growing up to be young adults; by teaching them the feminine side of woman at an early stage, which ultimately allowed their minds to have a lot more options when it really came down to figuring out who they wanted to be at an adult stage. Smiley however, does not effectively support this argument because she gives a lot of credit to Barbie for the way her daughters turn out to be but she’s forgetting…show more content…
Smiley’s first Barbie doll came into her home when her now twenty-four year old daughter was three. The author describes how both of her daughters would only wear pink and purple as they went through the “Barbie phase.” Jane Smiley says, “Both of them (her daughters) learned how to put on makeup before kindergarten” (376). What Smiley means by this is that her daughters were advanced in age mentally. Smiley’s daughters were doing things at age five that most girls would only start doing at the beginning of their teenage years. Now that’s growing up without a childhood. Jane Smiley seems like a great parent who cares about her children but to allow her daughters to put on makeup even entering their teenage years just isn’t right. Her girls where prematurely growing up, where behaving beyond their age, and with their only priority being beautiful at all times it seem to help them in the long run. As they burned off the “Barbie stage” and grew into more important things down their lives. Like for example Smiley talks about her older daughter, “Now she is planning to graduate school and law school and become an expert on woman’s health issues, perhaps adolescent health issues like anorexia and bulimia” (377). This shows how Barbie affected her child in to becoming a strong woman who cares about woman issues but then again cares about her

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