Teenage Pregnancy Satire

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English 110 Professor Ackers 4/25/12 Help In my hometown of Chattanooga, Tennessee, I see my old high school friends and hear news about their little sister that used to run around the neighborhood and follow him/her around is now pregnant. The thing that makes that even sadder is that the little sister is between the ages of 12-15. That problem just isn’t in my hometown; it’s all across the United States of America. And it isn’t entirely the child’s fault because they didn’t have a good example or someone to talk to them about what they’re doing. Teen Pregnancy isn’t good for the simple fact that it destroys teen’s lives, they don’t have anyone to support them before and after they get pregnant, and they don’t have positive examples in their life.…show more content…
Every dream and desire they ever had is either on halt or totally destroyed. One great example of this problem is what my mother went through. My mother was the top of her class and a starter on the basketball team, but at the age of sixteen she had me and it stop everything she was planning to do. She had a full scholarship to go off to school and she would’ve kept playing sports. Then years after that, she had two of my little brothers and then had another two more after that. My mother didn’t do what she wanted but accomplished a lot with us, because she raised me well. Getting pregnant at a young age is a hard thing to handle. I personally watched my mother as a young child struggle and work to provide for us. Its forces you to become an adult a mature at an instant to provide for yourself and sometimes that can break some teens that aren’t strong or who don’t have a good self

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