Sibling Rivalry Essay

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Sibling rivalry affects the childhood relationship in different ways. It is a problem that starts when a newborn comes home. A newborn at home makes the other child change. As an only child the first baby can have all that he/she wants. Parents are available to listen and to play any time that he/she wants. Immediately after another newborn comes home, everything changes. The children change their attitude, and do not want to listen; they do that because they are trying to get their parents’ attention. The loss of being the center of attention after a newborn is at home causes the older children to feel sad, angry, and jealous. Sibling rivalry usually continues throughout childhood and it can be very frustrating and stressful to parents. When the kids fight, parents usually punish the older child and take the side of youngest child. It makes that the older child loss the relationship with their parents. One of the most principal’s problems that affect the relationship between siblings, it is that sometimes parents do favoritism only with one child and it makes they can harm and even destroy sibling relationships. For example, in my case, when I was child I was the darling of my mother because I always got good grades in school, my mother said that my sisters should be like me because I was doing my homework on time and was very studious. Also, I always told my mom everything about me she was my best friend in my childhood. This caused that my sisters were always jealous of me, and when I was played with my sisters they always refused to play with me. Its situation made me feel lonely and sad. I was to look other little friend to play with me but I was sad because I wanted my sisters love me as I wanted them. Fortunately, our relationship changed when we got married. Until we left our home, and started surprise because we live far, it was that our relationship
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