Sibling Rivalry In 'The Charmer And Brother Dear'

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Family Dynamics (Comparative Essay) Parents raise their children to either live vicariously through them or want to have them follow their own path in life. The stories "The Charmer" by Budge Wilson and "Brother Dear" by Bernice Friesen, show both ways of parenting which influences the children to go against them. Both stories show that each set of parents display conflict with their children. Although one story focuses on how parenting is not hard enough and influences the children negatively, the other story displays how the parenting is too hard and it also affects the children negatively. Each story shows sibling rivalry because of the parenting style and there is sibling rivalry because the brothers in the stories get all the attention and…show more content…
All children want attention from their parents, it can be good or bad attention and if they do not receive the attention they want it can lead to struggle for the child. The narrator's of both stories are not shown the attention that they want and makes them struggle to find their true identities. In "The Charmer" Winifred is never the centre of attention, she is always overshadowed by her brother Zachary " was like he was a movie star or TV hero or something" (Wilson 101). Her parents always gave him the attention, even when he disobeyed the rules of the house he still found a way to make it positive and funny to the parents. Zachary got so much attention that Winnifred wanted to be just like him that's why she did everything he asked her to do but when they both grow up things change. She realized that all the attention he was getting would be eventually negative and Winifred finally found her true identity and stop acting like Zachary because he had turned into an

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