Our Nicky’s Heart by Graham Swift

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One of the main characters in this story is Nicky, and he is the youngest of 4 brothers. Before he was born he was wanted as a girl, especially his mother really hoped it would be a girl. When it turned out that the girl she had been waiting for turned out to be a boy she was disappointed. Because everyone knew she wanted a girl, she wanted to proof to everyone, including herself, that she was not disappointed. That made her love Nicky very strongly, and she accepted he did a lot of things that the three older sons never were allowed to. Nicky was spoiled, and sometimes he acted like he has known he was meant to be a girl: “I think Nicky must have known he was meant to have been a girl because when he grew up all his emphasis was in the other direction. More than any of his brothers, he was indulged like none of his brothers had been – his mother’s favourite despite, or because of not being a girl” (l. 12 to l.18). After Nicky’s death in a young age, Nicky’s parents have to make difficult decisions, and it becomes clear that the mother is the strongest of them – mentally. The father, Frank Randall, does not have the strength to step forward and say what he thinks they should do with his sons heart: “Twenty-five years of being in charge of 400 acres and all that lived on it, generations of Randalls ruling the roost, of which he was the latest heir, hadn’t made him capable at that moment of being the one to step forward and speak” (l.122 to l.125). Instead the mother steps forward and decides what to do. Nicky’s mother is a very strong, robust woman and especially after Nicky’s death she is doomed to carry on because the farm and the men at the farm seem to crumble away in grief. However, the mother is torn because she knows that she has given away the last living part of her son, and a stranger is living with it inside. They do not know who has the heart or

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