Common Core Argumentative Essay

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Common Core is an educational program that was enacted recently in the United States, but it is not used by every state. Common Core is said to challenge the students to think independently instead of basing their intelligence on standardized tests. Common Core is claimed to be more rigorous than the previous criteria, but in reality it only prevents teachers from expressing individuality and diminishes the autonomy of state and local education officials. I think Common Core should be eradicated completely because of its vague uniformity that limits any student from exceeding the level Common Core sets, and its limit on individuality, which discourages teachers whose students are not prepared enough for the tests or the real world. Common Core hurts students because of the vague,…show more content…
One principal describes the Common Core testing as “torture” (Source F). One teacher had only 23 students opt out and at least 3 times that number in tears. The teacher herself could not even answer twenty-five percent of the questions on the exam. The tests had readability levels far beyond what was appropriate, with questions that were vague, wordy, designed for trickery–not accurately measuring if children understand the texts they are reading. They were also far too long for the students to complete. Teachers teach because they adore children, changing their lives, and creating amazing people. They have been stripped of that. Jessica, a teacher, says that she cannot imagine doing it this way (Common Core) another 20 years. She says, “It’s hard to rest my head on a pillow at night, and feel good about what we are doing to these kids.” These personal stories show that education, which is supposed to benefit students, is only hurting them tremendously, because it is not beneficial to the teachers in the first
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