SAT Should Be Abolished Essay

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High school students nationwide are expected to take the widely despised SAT. The SAT is supposed to show the value of a student’s knowledge, but they fail miserably. A solid GPA says a lot more than one test. Something should be done. The SAT has caused much stress through the years, and for a useless purpose. There are millions of fully qualified individuals who are rejected from their primary college choice every year because they failed to meet their SAT score standards. It is unfair to judge four years of education on one test. These days, being accepted into the college of your choice is something not many have the privilege of. In order for someone to be accepted into the college of their choice, he or she should not only need a perfect GPA, but also a high SAT score. The average 2400 point SAT score in America is within the 1500 range. There two main academic factors which go into count when colleges look at your application: your GPA, which is based on 4…show more content…
On the math section, you’re usually given 25 minutes to finish 18 questions, which is really hard to finish because it takes a while to figure out how to solve. The reading section requires you to know difficult words, most of which you’ve probably never heard of in your whole life. The other part of the reading section is the passages and questions. You have to read a passage as fast as you can and then answer the questions as fast as possible so you don’t run out of time. Sloppily going through a passage and then answering the following questions is a very difficult task. The writing section requires writing an amazing essay in 25 minutes, without being able to create a draft or an organizer to conduct your essay. The low amount of time given to finish the SAT puts students under a lot stress and they can’t even concentrate correctly on their questions as much because they keep thinking about how much time is left to

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