Should Children Have a Lot of Homework?

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“I hate homework!” Many kids across the country feel this strongly about doing homework. They would rather be playing with friends, watching television, playing video games, reading a good book, or just about anything else. I do not think that students should not have a lot of homework. Many kids don’t have a lot of time to do school homework because of out of school activities like sports and instruments. A lot of parents make their children do sports and they have to practice to get better. Students also have instruments to play and practice for their lessons that are coming up. With school homework piled on top of other extracurricular activities, some kids have to stay up late at night just to finish school homework. Another reason I think that a lot homework is not necessary is because some parents give their children extra work, even if they have a lot of homework, so students don’t have time to do their school homework. Many students have tutors that come and give you mountains of homework that you have to do and finish by a certain date. That prevents students from finishing school homework. For some children school homework is a burden. Too much homework makes students tired and makes them all worn out. If they get tired and sleepy then children can not function properly in school and during other lessons, like piano or math. This gives children a lot of stress that they have to finish EVERYTHING by a certain date. Some smart students may have already learned the subjects that they are doing really well and they have to do it again needlessly. I think that is why a lot of homework is a complete burden. All in all, I think that too much homework is unnecessary and a torture to so many children. They might be too busy to do homework. Students may not even need the extra practice for a certain subject. I think that there should not be a lot of

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