Argument Against Homework

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Final Draft Bam…the noise of my backpack hitting the ground is bone shattering as the intense resonance causes displeasure to the fullest extent to all those unfortunate enough to witness this feat of horridness. The loaded book bag is filled with textbooks of various subjects. The homework beckons for me to come and complete it, while I try to avoid its nagging voice. The average student receives at least three hours of homework daily. To exemplify this, my friend Joe was assigned three hours worth of homework last week…and that was only math! Placing hours of homework upon the fragile and developing brains that will be the future of America would be a crime in itself. To shield the inner thoughts of our eminent future, it is imperative that you reduce the boatload that students call homework. Furthermore, when stressed out from overloaded studies, scholars tend to become inimical, which is hazardous to their learning community as corruption within their mind leads to physical altercations with classmates. Homework is like a tsunami; you can try hard but you cannot avoid it. For example, the students of Bay Creek Middle have become boisterous, recalcitrant, and ostracizing due to the voluminous levels of after-school studies assigned on a quotidian basis. The rising amounts of disobedience have been reportedly induced by overloading the burgeoning minds of schoolchildren. With jails becoming more and more occupied, there is little room for scholars who have become rogue from homework induced violence. Additionally, the parents of students who are faced with mountains of homework have found that as more and more after-school studies are assigned, the students’ obedience has sharply plummeted like our current economy. The PATMH (Parents Against Too Much Homework) agrees that students in elementary school should have only 30 minutes to an hour worth of homework each
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