Anne Tyler "Teenage Wasteland"

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Anne Tyler’s story, “Teenage Wasteland”, focuses on the complex relationships between parents and their adolescent children. Donny is going through a confusing time – his adolescent phrase, which is the most difficult time for both parents and children. Instead of taking responsibility for their child, Donny’s parents followed the school principal’s advice and hired the professional tutor, Cal, who carelessly took the parenting burden on himself. Donny’s mother, Daisy, had difficulty understanding what Donny’s problem was, whereas Danny felt pressure from his parents, teachers, and peers. Donny’s mother lacked self- confidence and cared more about what other people thought about her as a parent. The conflict between mother and her son is ironic. Unfortunately, Cal, Donny’s tutor, failed to support and motivate Donny to do his homework. Cal represents an immature, Peter Pan like kid himself. Tyler even described them in the same manner: long hair, faded jeans, fans of rock music, careless, and young. In reality, Cal’s sessions turn into a party club. The tutor satisfied his childish needs at the expense of the children’s families. Moreover, Daisy agreed with Cal’s rules on not intervening in Donny’s life. At this point, Daisy fails to support her son, and under Cal’s influence Donny becomes more distance from his parents than he had ever been. Parenting goes far beyond providing food and safety. Donny was one of those kids whose parents were not accepting and not able to take responsibilities for their actions. Donny felt that his mother didn’t accept anything he did. As a result, his grades dropped, and Donny got expelled from school. After ending the lessons with Cal, his parents decided to send their son to public school where Donny feels more uncomfortable, stressed, and socially disconnected with the rest of the world. He fails to motivate himself for

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