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Running Head: Clinical Case Study Clinical Case Study By Veronica Daniel Shorter College-Professional Studies Laura Lester September 20, 2007 Clinical Case Study I. Introduction- Description: The case study presents a thirty-two year old black female, T. Smith, who is a mother of three, John 15, Erica 10, Jason 2 and she is engaged to be married to the youngest child’s father, James, in a couple of weeks. She is currently a specimen prep tech at Quest Diagnostics and has been employed there for over four years. History: T. Smith is the youngest children of three female children in the primary house hold; each child is three years apart. Her parents, who have been married for thirty nine…show more content…
Smith’s strengths are her loyalty, tenacity, and work ethics. She will still be anyone that she has placed in her circle and her family. She keeps going despite the hurdles and obstacles. Even though her husband had a lot of money and wanted her to just stay at home and raise the children, she insisted that she work and have her own money. She states that she doesn’t necessarily like working but she likes the fact that she works and can support herself and her children if needed. Weaknesses: T. Smith’s states that her insecure about her appearance, and that she is too kindhearted to people that do not deserve it. Connection: I picked T. Smith for several reasons. First, I have known her for four years and has become quite close to her. Second, she is, on the outside, everything I wanted to be. Good looks, beautiful, have all the men want her, nice, funny. Then, I look and see all the things that she has and is going through: it makes me realize that it is what she has gone through that makes her how she is. Interest: I feel that T. Smith is interesting just by her history. The things that I learned prior to this assignment and during it, have astonished me. For her to be so young and to have gone through so much, more than is in this paper and that she was willing to…show more content…
Smith was always nice. She is an excellent sense of humor, or a least I think so. During a moment following one of her many court appearances with her ex husband, she came to work feeling vindicated. She felt that she “got him”. She was able to prove to the judge her case, but mainly happy because she still wants to hurt her husband. Regardless of the fact that he put himself in this situation, T. Smith can not help but to flaunt her fiancée, feed into the fact that her ex husband still wants her, but can’t have her. She describes him in such derogatory terms, that it makes me feel that in order to have so much hate and hurt, there must still be love and regret. I believe that she still wishes that if her ex husband would have just been good to her, she would still be with him. I believe that she does feel bad that her children, who once really loved their father, have become bitter towards him now. She feels that she knows he painful it is to hate someone you still love, and wishes that even though, Jody D. was bad for her, that he could at least be good for them. She tends to compare her father and her ex-husband frequently. In addition to them being close, she feels that they both are “no-good daddies”. Another observation was when a fellow co-worker asked another, about T. Smith and stated that she would like to get to know her better. She was very upset. She

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