Accommodition In A Sorrow And A Sorrowful Woman

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Family an important element in any society. It should also be noted that the decision to have a family should be treated with respect, and one should be ready for the responsibility. However,every family may have a conflict. Some people may have conflict in family in relationship. Relationship appear to be the main cause of sorrow in both stories. Two stories works where communication and the use of accommodition come into play occur in ‘’ A Secrt Sorrow’’ by Karen Van Der Zee and ‘’ A Sorrowful Woman ‘ by Gail Godwin. The antagonists, Kai and sorrowfull huasband, try to mend there partnes despair because of the women in there, lives. Faye and the sorrowful woman struggle with personnel issues. The antagonist Kai, and sorrowful…show more content…
The main similarity between Kai and the husband is both are antagonist, try to resolve the main conflict. Kai strives to reserve Faye as conflict when he learns that she isn’t able to bare children by convincing her that another option to having children would be adopting. That he stays with Faye goes to show that nothing can break what they have or feel for each other and that is a “romantic” or true love. In; A Sorrowful Woman “the husband” shows his wife that he “understands”and truly loves her by doing everything she asks him to do. Most men wouldn't do that; they would get tired of it and leave or ruin their marriage. Both “the husband”and “the wife” knew that the wife was sick. One difference betwen Kai and the huasband their personalites. The husbands in both stories share the problems with their wives as a test of love. They also feel emotional since their wives cannot show their love fully due to the problems they are undergoing. They can be said to be sorrowful as a result of their wives’ sadness and sorrow, Kai feels sad that the
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