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16 November 2011 Character Analysis of Sister Sister, one of the main characters in Eudora Welty’s “Why I Live at the P.O.” is a very complex character. She goes through many emotions and has encountered many hardships concerning her family. She starts out being the brunt of lies told by her sister, Stella-Rondo. Sister’s relationship with her sister is full of jealously and resentment. It is also very destructive. This relationship leads to problems with other members of the family for Sister. Sister has a great amount of jealously towards Stella-Rondo. There is also a great amount of hostility between the two. Sister feels like Stella-Rondo has always gotten everything that she has wanted and that most of it was at her expense. Sister say’s that “She’s always had anything in the world she wanted and then she’d throw it away.” This included Sister’s boyfriend, Mr. Whitaker. Sister felt like Stella-Rondo stole Mr. Whitaker from her and once again she got what she wanted and then threw it away. Stella-Rondo married Mr. Whitaker and then they separated. Now she is back at home with the rest of her family causing trouble for Sister. Sister finds joy in the fact that Stella-Rondo’s life has not turned out to be as perfect as she thought it would. Stella-Rondo’s marriage has failed and she has returned home with a daughter that she claims to have adopted. She states very boldly,”He left her-you mark my words,” I says. “That’s Mr. Whitaker. I know Mr. Whitaker. After all, I knew him first. I said from the beginning he’d up and leave her. I foretold every single thing that’s happened.” For Sister this is something for her to rejoice in because for once Stella-Ronda did not have such good fortune. From her statement above she has been waiting on this to happen. Sister is also questioning the parentage of Stella-Rondo’s “adopted” child. Sister does not

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