Lolita: Did she out manipulate Humbert in the end?

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Lolita: Did She Out Manipulate Humbert in the End? Humbert Humbert has manipulated the entire story of “Lolita”, written by Vladimir Nabokov. His first person views are the only views that are offered through out the book. Yet it could be argued that Lolita is the main character of this book. HH is obsessed by her, he schemes and plots to keep her to himself, and in the end she was never truly his to have. Everything HH goes through, puts her through and seeks to do revolve around this single girl. Lolita has schemed and plotted against the seemingly wise HH, eventually outsmarting him. Her first person account is not necessary in order to know that she was a strong female, who learned to manipulate situations at an early age. (Thesis) Dolores Haze, better known as HH has named her, Lolita, grew up in a broken home with a distant mother. Charlotte, her mother, was removed and cold to her daughter. She saw Dolores as a rival for men’s affection and was quick to belittle her in order to feel secure in her position as woman of the house. So at an early age, Lo was picking up on the fact that her mother thought her attractive enough and possibly sensual enough to be in competition with other women, specifically her own mother. Girls “play” at sexuality starts at a young age with games such as “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” or “Doctor”. This is considered healthy, normal play for children of both sexes to engage in at young ages. There is, however, a parental nurturing that is needed in order to guide the child through their adolescent sexual years. What Lo is missing at home is a nurturing parent, either a mother or father, to help her deal with her sexuality. In her book, “The Secret Lives of Girls”, Sharon Lamb, Ed. D. states that “many girls play sexually, not just out of curiosity. Many have sexual feelings and
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