The Chrysalids Women Analysis

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The Women of Waknuk The Chrysalids by John Wyndham illustrates women differently towards their husbands, and their family members. Women in Waknuk are pressured to be perfect. Most likely women like Elias Strorm’s wife, who was a beautiful young lady. Elias Strorm’s strict ways turned his wife into a withered, grey woman, who was almost glad to die one year after David’s father was born. This explains that such a society stifles life. The Chrysalids by John Wyndham demonstrates that women in the novel play the role of bystanders and supporters of their husbands and family members. The women in Waknuk are bystanders to their family members. Firstly, Sophie is a bystander to spider man. Spider man takes Sophie as a sexual lover and cares for her. In one instance Sophie says: “You’ve got to have a…show more content…
She did not find that a marriage service generated love; she did not enable her husband to recapture his youth through hers; nor could she compensate for that by running his home in the manner of an experienced housekeeper.” This quote illustrates that Elias Strorm was very cruel to her that she died after her second child was born. She was a beautiful, young woman who Elias turned into a very dull person. She always wanted him to be happy and be a good person, but that did not happen, he was just unfair and unpleasant to everyone. To conclude Elias Strorm’s wife is a good supporter of her husband as well as Emily Strorm. The role of women does demonstrate bystanders and supporters of their husbands and family member. Women are treated as bystanders and supporters of their husbands and family members. They are treated very harsh, and cannot do any type of job. They are supposed to be dependent on their husbands, while they maintain their house, and their children. They have a very important role but, in Waknuk it is not important. In conclusion, Work Cited Wyndham, John. The Chrysalids. London: Penguins Book,

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