Why i Live At The p.o

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An analysis of the plot and character in Welty’s “Why I live at the P.O.” Having good communication between members of a family can help maintain good relationships in the family. A good communication requires people being able to listen to the voice of others, exchange thoughts, and respect other’s points of view. In the short story “Why I Live at the P.O.”, Eudora Welty writes about the miscommunication between family members, which results in Sister, who is the first-person narrator of the story, leaving home and moving into the post office. The story conveys the theme, the communication between family members, through the portrayal of characters, and the use of ironies. With necessary communication, the relationships in a family can be maintained smoothly. However, a family’s relationships can be easily destroyed by miscommunications. The character Sister is one of the most important characters in the story. Sister is lack of communication with her family, clouding her view of the world by her narrowed-mind, which deepens her family’s misunderstanding of her, even results herself in leaving home, and moving into the post office. In the story, Stella-Rondo, who is the younger sister of Sister, tries to turn Papa-Daddy against Sister, and tells a lie to Papa-Daddy that Sister thinks he should have cut his beard. The lie makes Papa-Daddy very angry. However, Sister fails to show her innocence because she doesn’t have a clear communication with Papa-Daddy to let him know the truth which she has never said that. She just simply leaves the table when Papa-Daddy is blaming on her, gives up the chance clarifying the truth (44). Sister is not confident enough to communicate with Papa-Daddy. Even though she claims that she thinks Papa-Daddy should not cut his beard, she still quietly accepts Papa-Daddy’s blame. In other family members’ eyes, Sister
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