The True Story of Lilli Stubeck

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The True Story of Lilli Stubeck is based around the idea of family. The types of families and the themes that bring a family together are all included in the book. As we explore deeper into the book, we can see that family isn’t just family. James Aldridge explores the idea of family through the use of various themes, values and structures. “You would be much better off at home where you can live properly…you’re not going to leave us are you Lilli? No, Lilli said each time.” This shows that although Miss Dalgleish wants to ‘adopt’ Lilli, her fierce determination and value to remain true to herself will not let her. Lilli will not let Miss Dalgleish get the better of her. This is a contrast to Lilli’s supposedly neutral and wild personality, as we now get to see another side of her. “…not quite accepted in our town, for a boy and a girl our age to walk to church together unless there is an adult between them, but whereas I was embarrassed, Lilli didn’t care.” Since Kit and Lilli are almost like siblings, they should feel comfortable around one another. Kit may not show this, but Lilli definitely does. Although this isn’t directly shown, we can guess that Kit does not feel the same way as Lilli. During Kit’s questioning, she thought of the words “Put her in a bad light”, which displays Kit’s degree of care not to ruin the relationship between Lilli and Miss Dalgleish. It shows the aspect of taking care of those in your family, even when they aren’t related by blood. Kit did not want to ruin anything by saying something that would agitate his friend or would later regret. The theme of alienation is shown towards the middle and end of the book. “Miss Dalgleish was nursing Lilli 24 hours a
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