Secret Life of Bees

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S What or who is the most important influence in Lily’s life? Why? Give examples from the text Tray in the most important influence to Lilly Owens in the book secret life of bees. He may not be the most positive but he’s forced her to leave him due to his misapplication to Lily. Also how he has no respect for Roselyn. T rays insecurities show when he always make Lilly feel guilty abut her mom leaving and shooting her, even though he inflicted that on the house hold. CD. Lilly wasn't ever happy, and had this guilty lingering about her mother. She thought that herself was the problem, which made T rye aggressive and it was her fault not T-rays. So lilies faction was to improve it by leaving her dad and taking the only person who respected her Roselyn.. Rosalyn was alway a motherly figure to her worrying about her need and never let T rye effect her negatively But she knew lilys consequences (CD). Her dads sympathy for hus daughter is very minimal because she lie is becoming rality that she was the on that mad ehis wife and lilys mom leave/die. Lilys has many influences but the strongest pushed her to leave her home and wanted her to find her own way in life because she wasn't gonna deal with her dads abuse. Lily wants to be a writer, and has this fascination with bees. She wouldn't be able to have her own life with living with her father making the negative affects of his actions for cep her consense. This influace of how bad her life at home is sent her to Toubern. (CD)lily feels confident that shell fine her new home in Tiberon where her mom lived before her. She does and realizes that she has no fear of her father and she has the confidence to stay at the boat rights Treys a very threating and intense man who likes to put is own is sequrites on his daughter who is only 14 and is messed up in the head by it who has o grounds on what life she ahs or who
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