Similarities Between Tom Robinson And Mayella Ewell

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Barbara A. Sherrod May 8, 2013 Dr.Carr ENG356 Final Essay Exam To kill a mockingbird will always be noted as the novel that not only aided in changing society but showcasing the inability for the minority to speak and have action. To Kill a Mockingbird was first published in 1960, surrounded in the rural south it showcased how the minority; women, blacks and children fully aware of themselves and those around them did not have a voice. Maycomb County accused of raping a young white woman. Although both Tom Robinson and Mayella Ewell were allowed to say their sides of the story on the stand they weren’t allowed to really share their story without the help of the lawyers. When the reader is first introduced to the situation between Tom Robinson and Mayella Ewell the story is told in black in white. Tom Robinson a colored man from the other side of the county raped a young white woman named Mayella Ewell. There is no background about Tom or Mayella but there is great detail around the fact that Atticus, a well-respected member of the Maycomb County community is defending Tom Robinson. You do not hear about the background of Tom or Mayella until the middle and ending of the trial. Tom Robinson was not able to tell his story because the…show more content…
Mayella is rarely explained through out the novel so her background is kept short and simple, however you can see the great affect of not having a mother around has on her. Mayella consequence from not being vocal and telling the truth in To Kill a Mockingbird is one of personal growth. She does not learn how to take ownership for her actions neither does she learns how to stand up against her father. Mayella Ewell and her father Bob will always have the blood of Tom Robinson on their hands because of his abusiveness and because Mayella is complacent about her fathers angry
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