Fifth Business Essay

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Fifth Business Essay- Dunny’s connection with his mother Posted: December 11, 2011 in Uncategorized 0 By Zack Bradley The most pivotal point in a man’s life is his initial relationship with his mother. If this connection is tarnished during childhood, major psychological problems will occur. This situation of a broken relationship with a mother and son is seen in Robertson Davies’ Fifth Business. This novel addresses the long term psychological problems evolved from a weak initial relationship of a son with their mother. Dunstan Ramsay, the novel’s protagonist exhibits the issue of how a rough childhood can impede on relationships later on in life. Dunstan’s relationship with his mother leads him to develop three problems that arise in his dating life. The first problem is Dunstan’s trust issues; he can never fully trust a woman due to his betrayal of trust with his mother. The second problem is Dunstan’s negative depiction of sexual relations. Due to his mother’s stern moral beliefs, he does not have much interest in sexual relations and has negative views on it. The third problem is Dunstan’s fear of being manipulated in a relationship because, of his mothers firm control over his father. Thus due to the hostile childhood his mother creates, Dunstan can never form a successful relationship in adulthood and this leads to a life of loneliness. Having trust is a major aspect in keeping a continuous relationship. Being trustful though, is a characteristic Dunstan Ramsay lacks and this results in weakened relationships. Dunstan’s trust issues arise throughout his childhood with his weak relationship with his mother. Dunstan’s mother is not the typical mother who is gentle and nurturing. She is very tough and has harsh morals which affect Dunstan psychologically. This roughness of Dunstan’s mother is seen when he steals one of his mother’s eggs. His mother
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