To Kill a Mockingbird Tom Robinson's Trial

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To Kill a Mockingbird Tom Robinson’s Trial I looked around nervously while the people of Maycomb entered the courtroom. I knew that I was innocent and Atticus as well thought that. My only worry was the word of a white man even white trash as Mr. Ewell was more credible than the word of a black. Mr. Tate the town’s sheriff was called to the stand to testify. Mr. Tate said that on the night of November 21 I raped Mayella Ewell in her house, I don’t remember what day that was because I don’t keep track and don’t have the best of memories. Mr. Tate testified that Bob Ewell came to him and told him to go Mr. Ewell’s house because Mayella has been raped. He said when he got there Mayella was unconscious on the floor with bruises on the right side of her face and body. When Mr. Tate woke Mayella up she said that she was raped by Tom Robinson a black that lived in the African-American community a little farther from her house. When Atticus cross-examines the witness it is revealed that after both men got to the house no doctor was called to examine the extent of Mayella’s injuries because Mr. Tate said that there was no need to call Dr. Reynolds. After this Mr. Tate is permitted to leave the stand, so far I was confused about the evidence that was presented. Mr. Robert E. Lee Ewell was called to the stand next the father of the victim and as well the plaintiff. When Atticus started to cross-examine the witness, he took apart the whole Ewell lifestyle. He started with living conditions then activities and care that the children have. In this way I thought that Atticus was embarrassing the Ewell family in front of the whole town. Getting back to the case Bob Ewell said that on the day of November 21 he was coming home with kindling, suddenly he heard screaming so he dropped his load and ran home. When he got to the house he saw Tom Robinson, me, raping his daughter

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