Frankenstein Mother Of The Monster

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MLA FORMAT TITLE During the story Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, Dr. Victor Frankenstein finds himself unable to “mother” the monster that he creates. Throughout the book, there are many examples of parent-child relationships. This lets Shelley show the importance of a mother in a male-dominated society. I will be discussing why the author characterized Frankenstein as she did, what did that say about the role of women during this era, and show how it is connected into my life. First, Frankenstein is set in a male-dominated society, where the influence of women in the family is not present very often. The dream that Victor has before the monster is created, gives the reader an idea behind Victor’s motives. When he visions Elizabeth as his dead mother lying there, it represents the weakness of compassion in women. After he has this dream, he wants create a being that could act as his child and love him like one. So Victor does just that, but after it awakes, he is filled with disgust and hates his creation because in his eyes it is ugly. “But now that I had finished, the beauty of the dream vanished, and breathless horror and disgust filled my heart.” (Page 56) A true mother doesn’t care what their child looks like, they love it anyways. Next, the major theme of this novel is the women’s role in families. During Victor’s dream, he sees Elizabeth turn into the corps of his mother. This reinforces the idea that women are frail and weak. Also Victor’s experiment is intended to replace the women of society, because we all know you can’t have a baby without a guy and girl. Shelley discusses how Frankenstein uses his laboratory or “workshop of filthy creation,” (page 53) as a kind of “womb” as he worked on his creation. Frankenstein also refers to the task of creating the monster as his “labor” (page 51), inferring that he actually gave birth to the monster. “Winter,
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