Fifth Business Essay

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Dunstan Ramsay had a number of women pass throughout his life. Each of the women played an important role in his life. His mother caused him to become isolated and distant from women. Mary Dempster took away Dunstan’s childhood because of the guilt he felt for her simplicity, and he also was the only woman he truly loved. Leola caused Dunstan to experience jealousy and pity. Diana is also controlling and manipulative, like Dunstan’s mother, which is why he leaves her. Through Diana, the reader sees how much Dunstan’s mother has affected his life with women. Liesl made Dunstan realize that he felt no emotion, and she caused him to feel it again. She brought him out of the isolation his mother put him in. All of these women played an important role in Dunstan’s spiritual and emotional development. Dunstan’s mother, a tough Scots woman, led him through his life. She placed herself above God in his life. He began his life liking his mother, but when she whipped him for dropping some eggs when he was performing magic, he lost all respect for her and came to thoroughly dislike her. She was very controlling and had bad mood swings. Because of her controlling and manipulative ways, Dunstan became isolated from and untrusting of Fifth Business .... out of disagreements. In the book Fifth Business written by Robertson Davies, Dunny can be called a neutral person. He tells us .... (690 3 ) Fifth Business .... This form of macrocosm is captured in the microcosm in the town of Deptford in Robertson Davies ' Fifth Business. The roles of .... (1476 6 ) Fifth Business Guilt is a major theme in the novel Fifth Business. Dunny .... In Fifth Business many characters feel guilt due to the snowball incident. Dunny .... (510 2 ) Fifth Business In the novel, Fifth Business by
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