a evening in Guanima

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8. Select three stories from An Evening in Guanima, and show how the writer reveals important lessons about ignoring warnings. In which story do you think this lesson is brought out most clearly? Within many Bahamian islands there are countless phrases that the elders use to warn the young out of danger. When these phrases are heard for the first time, the immediate responds is to ignore; mainly because it sounds prattle. Needless to say, for those individuals who decide that the warning isn’t for them, they always become involved in situations that make them wish that were smart enough to listen to them. In the book, “An Evening in Guanima,” there are many stories where the characters refuse to listen and made grave mistakes or learnt valuable lessons. In “The Gaulin Wife,” the winsome Bachelor’s grandmother who raised him warned, “Listen boy, you guh pick ‘til you pick needle wit’out eye.” Yet he never listens treating everyone as if they were beneath him, “Wit’ dem pop eye she gat, her ma musse pity frog or goggle-eye fish.” However, initially it was obvious that the man was going to get exactly what he dissevered. His first downfall was not being able to have a child. He tried his hardest to be able to do so yet luck wasn’t on his side. As any man can say, being remembered as the guy who can’t get his own wife pregnant isn’t a good way to leave this earth. Regardless to the sorrow I feel towards him, I still believe he deserved worse. Despite him being the big disgrace of the town the years which he made girls suffer wasn’t enough. When the Mama Farida warned him, “Poor fool, yuh married B’er Gaulin,” but he wanted to be an idiot refusing to take her seriously. However, in his defense he loved this girl for many years, because of this when it came to hurting her he couldn’t bare the thought not to mention if he slaughtered her. Sad to say, his wife and
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