How Does Hill Convey Relationships in King of the Castle

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How does Hill convey relationships in the novel King of the Castle? Hill is describing Kingshaw’s relationship with his mother as not a good one. We see this as Kingshaw is thinking back to his past experiences with his mother, “He wished she were dead instead of his father”. Here Hill is trying to portray that Kingshaw’s mother is an extremely unlikable person and a terrible parent. Here, Kingshaw’s mother is trying to treat both the boys with equal respect.“I shall not make a favourite of my own child”, which is conveyed to the reader constantly as throughout the novel as her respect for her own child declines as her feelings for Mr Hooper increases . Hooper’s hatred for his own Mother peaks when he thinks to himself “He wished she were dead instead of his father” The phrase, “wish she were dead” conveys the fact that Kingshaw’s hatred for her is an extreme one, this is because he feels that he has been forgotten in place of Mr Hooper and Hooper . Also, the fact that he wants her to be replaced by his father, a person who he has never thoroughly met emphasises that he hates his mother who is suppose to be loving and caring more than anyone he has known. A point that is later made when in his mind Kingshaw exclaims, “he hated her more than Hooper now”. This exaggerates his hate for his mother even more as Hooper is Kingshaw’s worst enemy, this suggests that Kingshaw’s worst relationship is with his mother, potentially implying she is the reason for his death. Hill presents this relationship as she does to imply that feelings in a relationship are not always as they seem, even relationships that are generically meant to be great do not always work . Mr Hooper and Ms Helena Kingshaw’s relationship is seen as one of the few seemingly developing ones throughout the novel. However, both of the character’s are seen to have very different views on the

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