Theme Of Love In Fahrenheit 451

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Sierra Vivas English 2-Honors Mr. Depalatis 5 March 2012 Lost hearts Love is a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child or friend. Love is something that should be cherished whether you are giving it or receiving it because it may be harder to find in the world for certain people. As the world progresses with age, love is diminishing and the possession of feelings and caring for people becomes less important as they are caught up in technology and yet far from reality. Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury is a story about the burning of books because of the progression of technology and unwanted ideas of things that people crave to forget. In this book, the lack of caring for what really matters and…show more content…
These T.V. parlors act as real families for many people, specifically Mildred, helping to distract her from reality. These parlors suck the souls from innocent hearts and keep them captive from the real world. These pointless parlors even restrict the relationship between Mildred and Montag. “Well, wasn’t there a wall between him and Mildred, when you came down to it? Literally not just one wall, but so far, three! And expensive, too! And the uncles, the aunts, the cousins the nieces, the nephews that lived in those walls…He had taken to calling them relatives from the very first…No matter when he came in, the walls were talking to Mildred”(pg.44) Since when is it normal for talking walls to be apart of you and your life constantly? Where did the genuine love of real people seem to disappear to? Montag dislikes this personified machinery that takes over his household and questions Mildred, “Does your ‘family’ love you, love you very much, love you with all their heart and soul, Millie?”(pg.77) Mildred does not, answer for deep inside, she knows that the life that she occupies, is unnatural. Montag remains confused and heartbroken thanks to the cold-blooded talking walls. In the book, people look for love in things that are not able to give love in return and if not that, there is no love being looked for at
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