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" " " " " " Opposing Laws: A Study of Sophocles’ Antigone " In Sophocles’ play, Antigone, we see a struggle between two brothers deaths. According to Antigone, because human beings are forced to make difficult decisions between opposing laws; divine law becomes the most valuable. Yet the issue of the play goes beyond that conflict and touches the universal conditions of suffering, religion, and loyalty to family." " " In the early stages of the Prologue (1-84), Antigone shows devotion to her family through the burial of her brother. According to Antigone’s own speech:" " " …Creon buried our brother Eteocles with military honors, gave him a " " soldier’s funeral, and it was right that should: but Polyneices,…show more content…
"(PROLOGUE 16-28)" In those lines Antigone shows that her “love” for her brother will leave her “hating” her sister. Ismene is fearful of burying Polyneices, “But think of the danger! Think of what Creon will do!” (PROLOGUE 34). Her devotion to her family is not as strong as Antigones. By accepting the obligation to bury Polyneices, Antigone acts as if she has no choice. “It is a law carried out by a sister for a brother.” (Jacobs 893)" " " " Devotion to family is also shown through Eurydice’s love for her sons and Haimon’s love for her fiance. Eurydice puts a knife through her chest after her second son is killed, “And a great cry burst from her lips for Megareus dead, and for Haimon dead, her sons; and her last breath was a curse for their father, the murderer of her sons.” (SCENE V 114-116). It clearly shows her love and devotion to her family because she does not want to be alive without them. Eurydice values (blood) family over strict society laws. When Haimon threatens his father that Antigone’s death will cause another (his), he is showing…show more content…
Antigone expects Creon to bury her brother just because they are family. " " Antigone has different beliefs then her uncle, Creon. She does this, to some extent, to defy Creon but also to allow Polynices to have a good after-life. “A higher law exists than that of of man’s, and that is the law of God.” (Woods 73). Antigone believes that without burying her brother he will not have a good after-life. Antigone even goes as far as burying him twice. Antigone is more admirable in that she is not selfish. She cared for her brother so much that she would go through all this trouble to give him a good after-life. She wanted to marry Haimon but sacrificed this to bury her brother. Antigone puts God over the “law”. Unlike her uncle Creon, who puts law over family and God. " " " Both Antigone and Creon have their own ideas of what is "right" and what is "wrong". Antigone believed that the actions she took were done for the right reason, because they follow the law of the Gods. In opposition, Creon believed that the actions he had taken were in fact the right ones, because he believed that Polyneices was a traitor to the land, and that anyone who should give him a proper burial would suffer the penalty of death. So, the actions that were taken

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