How Does Gow Present Characters in Need of Change in Their Distinctive Worlds in the Play Away?

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In the play, Away, written by Michael Gow, there are many characters who are trapped in their distinctive worlds. However there are two characters that are in desperate need of change. Gwen who is a very materialistic and sarcastic person while Coral who is very withdrawn from reality due to her son’s death. Gwen, who is stuck in her domestic world, has a habit of asking hypophoric questions like ‘Whose idea was it to do Shakespeare? Very silly choice if you ask me’. She is very different to other parents because normal parents will complement their child even though they were horrible but Gwen instantly lists all the negatives factors of the play and say Meg was terrible. Gwen’s continuous nagging creates a barrier between her and Meg which Gwen is not able to get out of her domestic world. Furthermore, when Gwen was complaining to Jim that she did not have her keys, Jim tries to convince Gwen that he does not have the key but she tips all the contents of her handbag on the floor which shows she is in a very irrational nature. Gwen has a tendency to repeat a lot of words in order to get a message across which also can show anxiety, especially when she says ‘No. No. No. No. No. No. No. I haven’t come across any keys yet’. Gwen is also in a very irrational nation as she came from a poor and always is stressed. Her bad temper has led her to her own distinctive world. In the play, Away, Gwen is very stereotyping against Tom and had called him ‘Motorbikes, Tattoos, Drinks. A sad dirty life’ .She calls him this because he is from a very country family but Meg only thinks of Tom as a friend and due to Gwen’s negative opinion towards Tom creates a barrier between the mother and daughter. During Act I, Scene 2, Gwen asks for a ‘Bex’ which is a medicine like panadol and the Bex symbolises her domestic world by only more wealthy people are able to use Bex. It is now known

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