Mariam Chapter Summaries

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PLOT SUMMARIES Chapter 1 Mariam describes the first time she is called a harami. Her mom, Nana, cherished an old tea set. The tea set was the only thing she had left of her mother. Mariam, only five at the time, had broken the last teacup. In response to the breaking of the teacup Nana calls Mariam a harami or bastard. Mariam describes her encounters with Jalil, her father, and how he treats her with love and compassion. Throughout this chapter Nana seems to be very negative about everything. She says that every story that Jalil has told Mariam it not real and she thinks that she and Mariam would be better off dead. Chapter 2 Nana describes her side of the birth of Mariam. She makes it sound as if Jalil is a bad father. Nana says that he…show more content…
She also starts to blame people for her miscarriage as well as herself. Mariam and Rasheed’s relationship soon starts to fade and they begin to lose interest in each other. Chapter 15 Rasheed starts to blame Mariam for the death of their unborn child. Everything Mariam says to him irritates him and Rasheed shows a major lack of interest in Mariam. Mariam tries to do whatever she can to please Rasheed, but none of her efforts seem to work.He begins to become overly abusive with Mariam and the abuse is consistent. A war soon breaks out (political). Chapter 16 The chapter begins the story of Laila. She reveals that her parents are constantly arguing and fighting. Mammy, Laila’s mother, has the upper hand over her father, Babi, who just listens as he is getting “fussed” at. The two show that their marriage is no longer good and mammy shows he dislike for him. Laila is held at gunpoint. Chapter 17 The gun turns out to be a water gun. Laila describes the sometimey relationship she has with her mother; Laila expresses her emotions about Mammy and how she truly feels when it comes to living in the house and Mammy’s opinion of her. Chapter
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