Why I Live at the P.O.

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ENGL 210 February 12, 2009 Family Matters In Eudory Welty’s short story “Why I live at the P.O.,” the narrator, Sister, complains about her family not giving her the respect she wants. Hard working and very family oriented, Sister struggles to find her place within the circle of her family, but is unsuccessful. To make things worse, Sister’s sister, Stella-Rondo, returns to the home with a daughter. The conflict starts at the beginning with Sister and Stella-Rondo. The story states “ I was getting along find with Mama, Papa- Daddy, and Uncle Rondo until my sister Stella-Rondo just separated from her husband and came back home again.” Stella-Rondo has come home with a child who she claims is adopted. When Sister realizes the child is not really adopted she tries to convince the rest of her family. Mom and Papa-Daddy refuse to believe that Stella-Rondo would have gotten pregnant before she was married. During a character analysis of selfishness and generosity Laura Lukes stated “Sister is a very selfish person. In the story you almost feel bad for her because her parents really do not take her side, but then find out she is a huge drama queen. She tries to get you to be on her side by making you feel sorry for her when in fact she is a jealous person towards everyone. She is really jealous of her sister and judges her sister for all of her mistakes.” The passage above supports my thesis due to the fact that Laura Lukes believes that due to Sisters selfishness she is unable to connect with you her family. Instead of Sister embracing her sister’s homecoming she tries to cause trouble. “And I said to Stella-Rondo, ‘I think I would do well not to criticize so freely if I were you and came home with a two-year-old child I had never said a word about, and no explanation whatever about my separation.’” The way
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