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Compare Contrast Professor MLA English 1A September 18, 2011 Two views of Survival: Hidle v. Cherin Jane Hidle’s poem “My Grandmother was a Vietnamese prostitute” provides an insight to the narrator’s view on survival. Her story follows two important women beginning with her Grandmother working as a prostitute during dangerous times known as the Vietnam War and the narrator’s mother continuing the profession as the she recalls how her mother provided for her as a child. Because of these views, the narrator develops a kinship with a certain level of survival by the sacrifices made as a Vietnamese prostitute. Patricia Cherin’s poem “My Everest in the Suburbs” also, depicts a view of survival. Cherin’s narrator’s mother displays particular acts of dysfunction, and the narrator disputes his mother’s ability to deal. He gives examples of his mother’s habit, mountain, sedimentary, salient, and symbol; the specially guarded collection of stuff placed in the middle of a room creates a distance between the narrator and mother. The narrator refuses to accept his mother’s compulsive behavior because he knows she can improve. The overall approach to survival with both poems underlines obvious differences, in which Hidle’s “My grandmother the Vietnamese prostitute” suggest that survival in some occurrences is sacrificing a moral standard in order to provide for one’s children, while Cherin “My Everest in the Suburbs” suggest that some survival-means contain acts of neglect and unhealthy ways of caring for ones children. In”My grandmother was a Vietnamese prostitute,” Hidle’s narrator recognizes the hard choices made by her grandmother and mother to pursue prostitution as an alternative to survive where typically, the nature of such choices would be deemed immoral, she describes her grandmother’s job: “She fucked money and jewelry and
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