The Joy Luck Club

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The Joy Luck Club presents stories about four Chinese-immigrant women and their daughters. Each of the women views the world differently and they try to share their visions with their daughters, hoping that their relationships with their daughters is just as strong as what they had with their own mothers. One of the mothers, Suyuan Woo, forms a club in China called the Joy Luck Club in order to distract her friends from their problems during the Japanese invasion during World War II. She moves to San Francisco in 1947 after losing all of her family during the war, including her twin daughters. She has a daughter named Jing-mei and starts another Joy Luck Club with three other women. Jing-mei and Suyuan never truly understand each other because of their cultural gaps. When Suyuan unexpectedly dies Jing-mei must take her place in the Joy Luck Club. At one of the meetings her mother’s friends tell her that Suyuan found her lost twins right before she died. Suyuan’s most cherished wish was that she could be reunited with her long-lost twin daughters. The friends urge her to go to China and tell her sisters about their mother. Jing-mei doesn’t think that she’s capable of telling her twin sisters about their mother because Jing-mei isn’t sure she knew their mom herself. She travels to China and realizes that she’s more Chinese than she thought. She learns about her own identity while also learning about her mother. She fixes the bond between her sisters and their mother. Her journey represents reconciliation between Suyuan’s two lives, between two cultures, and between mother and daughter. This helps Jing-mei bring closure to her mother’s life, but also to her own. It also brings hope to the other Joy Luck Club members. There are four different sections in the book, each with four different stories. In the first four stories of the book, the mothers, Lindo,

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