The Comparisons Between a Walk to the Jetty and Boys and Girls

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Although seemingly very different at first glance, Jamaica Kincaid’s short story, A Walk to the Jetty, and Alice Munro’s short story, Boys and Girls, are actually greatly similar upon closer inspection. The two short stories are closely knitted as they contain similar conflicts. Three comparable conflicts which link these short stories together are, narrators in both stories experience trouble with their mother, are unwilling to pursue their presumed jobs, and are unable to say what they really want for themselves. Annie John and Lairds sister having trouble with their mother is an example of one of three common conflicts shared between the two short stories. Annie feels as though her mother is not trust worthy: “ Why, I wonder, didn’t I see the hypocrite in my mother when, over the years, she said that she loved me and could hardly live with out me, while at the same time proposing and arranging separation after separation, including this one.[…](Kincaid 89) Annie thinks her mother wants her completely gone from her life. She does not trust that her mother truly loves her and will miss her. She believes that since her mother is the one who set up this separation, she is not as truthful and loving as Annie once believed. Similarly, Lairds sister also felt her mother was not trustworthy: “ My mother I felt was not to be trusted.”(Munro 50) Lairds sister was unwillingly forced by her mother, to stay in the house all day and fill countless jars with various fruits, instead of being outside in the fields with her father doing the work she loved. Narrators having trouble with their mother is one of the three comparable conflicts which appear in both short stories. Secondly, in both short stories the narrators are unwilling to pursue their given career. In the story

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