I Stand Here Ironing And Sonny's Blues Comparison

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Ewrt lB--Comparison and Contrast Essay on two works--Assignment 3. Draft due Tuesday. 950 wds. 1100 words or more for final paper. Use MLA format and Works Cited (two outside sources plus sources in the literature book or handout. Select the works you will compare & do a preliminary outline with list of major points of similarity and distinction this Thursday . Select two stories (fictional) from Literature.. Do not use earlier, very short stories or those you have already written on. No Papers on Diamond Necklace, False Gems, Chopin, Kincaid. Pick selections that share a common theme, type of characters and motivation or conflict/dilemma, or similar techniques such as symbolism, setting, point of view, . Begin your essay by clearly…show more content…
I. Both the mother in “I Stand Here Ironing” and the older brother who narrates “Sonny’s Blues” experience conflicting feelings of regret and guilt for not fulfilling what they see as their roles in life: to nurture and to protect a young person, despite the hardships thrown their way by poverty. A. The mother in Olsen’s story emphasizes in her narrative that as a young, divorced, working mother when her oldest daughter was growing up, she felt guilty because she was forced to leave Emily each morning to a neighbor’s care and because she couldn’t meet all her emotional needs in later life. {support from the

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