Teenage Relationship In Mary Lawson's Crow Lake

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Teenage years are a complex time of physical and emotional metamorphosis during which the youth feels estranged from the self the child had known. It is a time of seeking one’s niche in life and to build everlasting relationships that eventually support an individual during both teen and adult years. These relationships greatly influence teenagers’ mental health that is their happiness, self-esteem, and ability to work. But as teenagers instigate themselves in bonding with others they confront numerous social and family issues, some of which strengthen their connection with others and some debilitate their existing relationships. Mary Lawson’s novel, Crow Lake is a literary demonstration of these relationship issues that teenagers face in their…show more content…
She also decided to give more precedence to career rather than her family which in turn created a huge gap between herself and her family. As she became obsessed with her work, she began to overlook her family. In this way, the ambition for the top, the allotment of more time for work all contributed in weakening Kate’s family relationships. In the novel, Crow Lake it was also revealed how loneliness can bring two teens together through the relationship between Matt Morrison and Marie Pye. As Mary’s brother Laurie ran way from home after the clash with their father Calvin Pye, their mother got sick. Since Calvin was very irritated with his children, life was somewhat lonely for Mary which eventually forced her to get close to Matt. An excerpt from novel as narrated by Kat can exemplify how solitude contributed in fabricating the bond between Kate and Matt: “Mrs Pye was in a really serious state that summer, and that worry about her, coming on top of everything else, was more than Marie could bear alone. So she turned for comfort to matt. If she’d had more friends, or if her mother had had family living near, or if Calvin hadn’t alienated the whole community … then maybe Marie would not have needed to turn so hard, so appealingly to Matt. Matt was available… He was there, through mainly out in the fields, every day, six days a week, all that
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