Overcoming Barriers In Susan Madera's Essay 'One Voice'

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Survived Have you ever doubted your ability to overcome barriers? This is a common dilemma that people face throughout their lives. Many people learn over time how to resolve the different issues they face. Susan Madera’s short essay, “One Voice,” talks about how she was in constant doubt about her ability to communicate with others. In the folktale, “The Bar of Gold,” the protagonist constantly worries about his ability to provide for his family. Both the narrative and the folktale show a personal struggle, and how to overcome barriers. “One Voice” is Madera’s autobiography. While growing up in Little Italy, Madera faced a major problem. She was exposed to two different languages, which were neighborhood and English. Neighborhood is slang…show more content…
Due to this, she dropped out of college and went to work. She was working as a typist for a prestigious company when she chose to learn how to work the new word processors (79). This helped her gain the confidence back, and proved that she can overcome the language barrier. Eventually, she became a supervisor in the company and is now teaching others. Madera’s desire to overcome her language barrier caused her to decide to go back to college and take English courses (79). Madera had taken her weakness into her own hands and decided to fix it by going back to school. She realizes that the way she speaks does not show the type of person that she, but her writing does (80). “The Bar of Gold” also talks about how the protagonist, Weeping John, is his own constraint, and because of that he is not able to move forward. In this folktale, Weeping John is constantly sick because he is worried about how his family will survive after his death (Gold 148). Because he is sick all the time, he is unable to perform his work well, and the neighbor farmers hesitate to give him work. A doctor happens to pass by where John was sitting. The doctor tells him that if he does not kill his worry, that his worry will kill him. The doctor then invites John to his house

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