Andrea Jung Ceo of Avon

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Andrea Jung Jessi A Choy Keiser University Andrea Jung, The First Female CEO of Avon Andrea Jung, born in 1959 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Both of her parents were college graduates; her mother was born in Shanghai and her father was born in Hong Kong. Jung has a younger brother, Mark. Her family moved from Canada and relocated to Wellesley, Massachusetts, when she was two years old. She was an uninspiring student; the only reason why she got A’s in school was because her parents offer to give her gifts when she did. During her high school year, Andrea Jung was involved in the student government. She started as secretary and became the president of the student body. She was accepted at the elite Princeton University where she earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in English Literature by 1979, graduating magna cum laude from Princeton. She was planning on returning to law school after taking a break from school. She started a job at Bloomingdale’s as a manager in training, which she excel in that she was promoted to a job at the I. Magnin stores. Jung then became the Executive Vice President in charge of merchandising for women’s apparel, cosmetics, and accessories at Neiman Marcus. The new position made her change the career path she had in mind of going to law school; it was the career she was currently in that she liked much more. Jung went looking for a new challenge and she found it when she started working for Avon Products as a consultant in 1993. Avon has been around over a century but it was not doing well and it need it a change. The top executives from Avon were happy with what Jung was bringing to the table as a company consultant, and they gave her the job as president of the product marketing group for U.S. Operations in 1994. She was revamping the Avon brand with new modern lines to the company. She started an Avon Apparel line,

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