Culture and How Does It Relate to Communication?

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Culture and How Does It Relate To Communication? The United States is a multicultural society; there are many people who know how to speak a variety of languages because they emigrated from different countries. Language is the basis of all cultures. If you take away the language you take away the culture. Most people agree that communication is the most important aspect of culture. It allows us to share ideas, feelings and opinions. Communication can be broken into two forms: verbal (using language) and non-verbal, which include gestures, eye contact, facial expressions and touch. Non-verbal communication is actions or gestures that can be perceived that do not come directly from physical language. Without these two forms of communication: non- verbal and verbal interaction between people would not be possible. Language is the primary means of preserving and transmitting culture. Language uses symbols (words) which are given sounds varying from culture to culture. The symbols are clumped together using different rules to form the actual language. These words are given meaning by the culture in which you live in. Language has several different primary functions such as labeling, interaction and transmission. Labeling serves to give identity to what is being talked about. The interaction function allows us to share ideas and emotions. Transmission is how we pass information on. Language has other functions as well. The most useful one is conversation. This is the major process of how we interact with one another. Language can be used to express emotions, thoughts, history, reality, and identity. We use language to interact with each other as well as talk about the past, present, and future. Language is directly linked to individual culture. Word usage and meaning are learned, and differ among the

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